Avatar Korra
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Mako where the fuck are you, I didn't see you in sneak peek video. Are you brooding about Korra at the police station?


i’m working on a top secret case. can’t talk about it. it’s really secret. bei fong doesn’t even want me to mention i’m working on a top secret case

Yeah, I just asked Lin where you were and she said you were crying like a little bitch in the supply closet, cluthing some folded piece of paper?

Hey guys! I have been away from this account for way too long.

I have deleted all the other messages I had from before, since they go way back before the show even aired. I am re-opening the ask box, go ahead and ask Korra a question or two. Try to limit yourself to one or two questions, please!

What made you change how you moved in the last round of the pro bending match?

I got pretty pissed that I was about to lose the match, and something just “clicked”. I guess Master Tenzin was right after all!

How do you feel about people being korrasexual? XD


It’s pretty interesting, but sometimes creepy.

Korra, I'm sorry but I now ship you and Mako....I blame the Character Bio's


….’ship’? What bios are you talking about?

so how hard did mako yell at you to behave before you beat the team in round one?

This is all he did:

He is so rude sometimes.

Did you learn how to waterbend from Master Katara or did someone else teach you? Did she ever get emotional about being with you considering you are the reincarnation of her husband Aang?

Yes, Master Katara did teach me waterbending. I know that Sifu misses Aang a lot. Whenever she get’s emotional, I leave her alone to give her some space, or give her a hug. 

Did you win your first Pro-bending Match?

Yup! It was a close call, but Tenzin taught me a few moves.

How did you react when you found out you were the Avatar?

I was really excited, and I quickly began bending different elements.

How's the pro-bending universe feel?

It’s awesome. I still can’t believe I am on a team!

Hey Korra! Can I take a ride on Naga with you? :D

Sure! Don’t blame me if she bites you though.

I’ve never had it short, but this is what I might look like!