Avatar Korra
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Naga is my best friend!

Needless to say, I would be extremely angry. More than angry. Even I’m afraid of what I might do…

I tamed Naga when I was younger, she is the only Polar Bear-dog to ever be tamed by a human. 

OOC: http://sot.ag/MzkyNTI2/

We get invited to places from time to time (mostly because of me though). 

Of course, Mako being anti-social loser, I had to drag him with us. He’s such a baby sometimes. 

(P.S. dresses are uncomfortable, how the hell do the other girls do it?)

Still can’t Airbend. You’re gonna have to be content with this, Anon.

If I ever used anything besides waterbending, Mako would be furious. I try not to because I know how much Bolin and Mako need to win that jackpot.

And yes we have no helmets. We play without protection.

We are not in a relationship. Understand?

We are not in a relationship. Understand?

OOC: So I fixed it? Sorry for all the issues you guys. I really don’t like drama >.>;;
Better? Yes? No? Maybe I shouldn’t use textures.

((OOC: Omfg, this is a horrible picture, I can’t seem to draw today. Only Mako came out good xD))

Bolin: K-Korra!!! I s-swear-



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OOC: Happy Valentines day everyone! I just made this in like 10 minutes, sorry for the inactivity. I am extremely busy to be drawing anything right now, hopefully it will get better next week! I love you guys ALL <3 <3 <3