Avatar Korra
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Did you learn how to waterbend from Master Katara or did someone else teach you? Did she ever get emotional about being with you considering you are the reincarnation of her husband Aang?

Yes, Master Katara did teach me waterbending. I know that Sifu misses Aang a lot. Whenever she get’s emotional, I leave her alone to give her some space, or give her a hug. 

Did you win your first Pro-bending Match?

Yup! It was a close call, but Tenzin taught me a few moves.

How did you react when you found out you were the Avatar?

I was really excited, and I quickly began bending different elements.

How's the pro-bending universe feel?

It’s awesome. I still can’t believe I am on a team!

Hey Korra! Can I take a ride on Naga with you? :D

Sure! Don’t blame me if she bites you though.

Will you go penguin sledding with me?

Sure! There aren’t many penguins here in the Republic though.

hey Korra can you bend metal yet?


No, I can’t, sadly.

If you could meet any of the Gaang, who would it be? Well besides Katara cause you met her.


Toph! Or Avatar Aang. I would like to meet all of them, actually.

What's the most disturbing piece of fanart/fanfiction you've seen of yourself?


Fan what? I don’t even want to know.

What's it like to be shipped with a moon spirit?


It freaks me out. Just a little bit.

I love your theme C: , And I just watched the two released episodes with my brothers >w< , It was awesome! >:D omg. tomorrow, I'm gonna rewwatch it. Whats your thought on how the bending has changed? I mean i noticed how the firebending kind of resembled boxing. And the waterbending isn't as flowing, and more aggresive on Korra's case :) but i love it.

OOC: I’m guessing you are asking me, and not Korra, lol.

Thanks! I’ve re-watched it a billion times now, haha. Yeah, the bending style has changed, and like Bryke said before, pro-bending is really focused on the MMA style rather the traditional Tai Chi for waterbending, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Ba Gua, Hung Gar, etc. When Korra bends regularly, it’s still true to the original/traditional bending styles, but the pro-bending styles of fighting really exemplify how modernized everything is becoming in the Avatar world. I love it as well, it is very cool :D

many girls love you...but in a romantic way. What do you think about it?


It’s inevitable.

Have you ever tried bending multiple elements at once? I wonder what sorts of awesome bending feats you could pull off that way.

I have a few times for fun, but I never really had to use it for fighting.

Why do you wear that brown fur thing around your waist? Are you trying to hide your large behind?


Excuse me?

Did you ever try lightning before?

Nope! Maybe one day, after I master Airbending.