Avatar Korra
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tenzin is the son of katara and aang right!? and bolin and mako?


Yes he is. Bolin and Mako have parents as well, but they are not Avatar Aang and Master Kataras kids.

Yue: Korra, can you stop making those kind of jokes?

Korra: Hey, if we are gonna be victims of our fans, we should at least have fun with it, right?

Why did you cut Mako off in your background pix? We can hardly see him. D; Worst of all, you are cut off a little too! D:


Oh, that wasn’t intentional. But I will fix it now!

OOC: Yeah…. I was too lazy to photoshop it lol.

A lot of people seem to be obsessed with your boobs/ass. How do you feel about this?


could become a blacksmith if you learn to bend metal REALLY well. I wonder if Toph ever use it for anything like that...what do you think?

Are you kidding? Toph is a badass. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t want to become a small blacksmith artisan. She would be teaching other people how to kick ass!
But I guess you can use metalbending for that too.  

Who is the coolest? Mako or Bolin.


I’d say me.

Korra what's it like traveling with the brothers? Does Bolin really cook?

Well, they can get a little annoying sometimes since they tend to fight with each other. But otherwise that, it’s great to be traveling with two other people! Bolin does cook, but since we are in the city, we usually just go out to eat.

You are so lucky to be traveling with hotties like mako and bolin!


…that’s what you think.

What's your favorite food?


Seal Jerky is pretty tasty!

What do you think of Republic City and Airbender Island?

Republic City is amazing, but I kinda got into a little trouble when I first arrived…haha…
And I have yet to visit the airbender island. 

Do you like Fang, Appa, or Naga the most

Though all of them are cute, definitely Naga. She is my best friend!

I heard the music for your show is going to be amazing! Is there any samples out?


Not yet, I wish they would air us soon though!

Uhm, I don't know if you know this. But do you know the release date for The Legend of Korra? Or... did it already come out? :/


OOC: The release date did not come out, only a very brief clip on an official Nick commercial, and a few leaked pictures with a leaked clip of the first video. This happened all today.