Avatar Korra
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((OOC: Please forgive me for the inaccuracies in her pose and how she is wielding the bow. I did not use proper reference because I’m lazy.))

I was okay with the first part of your question. But that last sentence really creeped me out.


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We get invited to places from time to time (mostly because of me though). 

Of course, Mako being anti-social loser, I had to drag him with us. He’s such a baby sometimes. 

(P.S. dresses are uncomfortable, how the hell do the other girls do it?)

Still can’t Airbend. You’re gonna have to be content with this, Anon.

I was just like any other kid. I didn’t have much time to play though, once I got older. I was too busy with avatar training.

My favorite thing to do was play with my Dad. 

If I ever used anything besides waterbending, Mako would be furious. I try not to because I know how much Bolin and Mako need to win that jackpot.

And yes we have no helmets. We play without protection.

I’m a horrible dancer, but Bolin taught me a few moves.

We are not in a relationship. Understand?

We are not in a relationship. Understand?

Hey everyone, I need feedback here. My dad lost his job on Friday, and so that means no monthly income (at least for now). Thankfully, it’s not too bad, and I am grateful for everything I have. Now, I have been planning to go to a convention out of town with my friends in the summer, but now I must make the money myself. 

Please, under no circumstances must you feel the need to buy anything from me, I am just merely explaining my situation. I would love to not cancel my plans with my friends, so I was thinking of making some buttons featuring LoK characters. 

So, since this is my first time making buttons, which company should I order them from? And would you guys be interested in buying some? I would probably sell each for a dollar, and you guys would have to pay for shipping. 

Never again.